Sugarlips Sweet Academy is a Sugarlips Cakes company and was created in fall of 2015. After many requests for workshops and tutorials, we decided to create a platform through which we could help share some of our favorite sweets and techniques!

The world of baking and cakes is very large, and we wanted to create a way in which we could best help fellow bakers learn from our many combined years of experience.

We have tirelessly tried different techniques and recipes and have learned along our journey how a tiny adjustment can have a great affect. It truly takes a lot of trial and error to learn how different methods can have different results, and we wanted to help other bakers by speeding up the research and share some of our knowledge.

As we have received many questions from all around the world, we really wanted to make sure that we reached as many people as we could. We decided that detailed photo tutorials would be the best way to accomplish that goal and wanted to create a step-by-step photo guide. Along with the photos and recipes, we have included some useful tips and tricks on the techniques of the products we make. Baking is a science, and some background knowledge really helps, especially when the tiniest difference can make a lot of change. So please let our years of practice be here to help you and give you a head start to creating delicious and beautiful sweets!