Buttercream Package

Buttercream Bundle


This buttercream bundle contains our recipe for Italian Meringue Buttercream as well as the extensive tutorial on how to get a perfectly smooth buttercream finish on your cakes!

At Sugarlips Cakes we prefer using the Italian meringue method of making buttercream mainly because of the texture and the stability. We care a lot about flavor and Italian buttercream is very flexible in its use when it comes to flavoring as it makes the least change in the consistency. Also, Italian buttercream also does not need to have a high sugar content, which we prefer in our cakes and it ices like a dream. In this tutorial you’ll find the steps to make a great batch of Italian Meringue Buttercream. We also explain the difference between buttercreams and how to add flavor and coloring!

In the extensive ‘Smooth Buttercream’ tutorial, with over 15 pages of instruction, four video’s and many high quality photo’s you will learn the skills of how to get a perfect smooth result on your buttercream cake. Though it may take some practice and patience, learning the skills of a smooth buttercream cake will give you endless possibilities.  It is the basis of almost any cake, and can be decorated naturally, or can be covered in fondant.  Really, it is the perfect blank canvas!